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August 01, 2005


A Military Mom

Glad you made it to your destination. Praying you stay well and safe during your deployment. Thanks again for serving our country.


Silly girl. That was too easy. Camp Victory South = C.V.S. So you're living at CVS. (grin)

Drink water. Keep your butt down.


glad you made it there safe. here's hoping that your last post is "yippee home at last, just wore out my hubby with the new VS i bought."

Al's Girl

Glad you have arrived. Al stuck in Kuwait for a while before he moved north. I like CVS too - lol!!

Keep the entries coming! You are in my thoughts and prayers too!

890th sgt

Wow. You crapped out on us and ended up sitting your lazy butt in kuwait. Hope your happy...Why you would even write about what you have done should be pathetic in your own eyes. Maybe more pt and less typing would have helped you from cracking during lanes........

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