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June 08, 2005



A shoulder holster is a good idea, espeacially if you aren't going to be going off teh FOB a whole lot. It's easier to put on and take off and won't weigh your pants down (and you can still carry your weapon while in PT's). I would also recommend drawing an issue TA-50 holster and attach that to your body armor. That way you don't have to keep readjusting your shoulder holster everytime you have to wear your vest. The Galco is a good holster. A bit expensive, but well worth the cost. It is tough leather and won't rot on you.


Personally, I carried an M-16 (unusal for a medical type). I would have greatly preferred carrying an M-4 as it was a lot smaller and lighter. They offered me an M-9 after some folks got sent home early, but I figured that if I was going to have to shoot something, I'd rather shoot them with a 5.56mm than a 9mm.....


I'd VASTLY prefer an M4 over an M16, if they give me a rifle -- I can't reach the trigger properly with an M16 while wearing armor. And my shoulder pocket just disappears.


You definately will want to invest in a decent shoulder rig. Spend some time in any kind of belt rig and you'll run up against the problem that all the woman Deputies I worked with had, that of peeing. Lord only knows how many hours I've racked up standing outside a Lady's Room holding an extra gunbelt.
Whether or not a horizantal, vertical or diagonal shoulder rig is right for you is dependent on the size of your shootin' iron and your body type. If the barrel of your shootin' iron sticks out behind past your back then don't go horizontal, you'll never be able to sit back in a chair or carseat.
Good luck, I dunno how many holster maker's kids I put through college in my career as a Deputy, the holster that is just right for wintertime carry is all wrong for summer clothes and vice versa. Lots of holsters look good in the store and are okay for ten minutes but are miserable all day. With that I'm lucky, off duty I carried a five shot revolver, you're stuck with those durned ol' horse pistols.


For PT, this is an interesting option.


It stays very secure while jogging and none of the problems of belt holster. You can draw pretty dang fast from it as well.

William Caron

Just happened into your blog and saw this talk about shoulder holsters. If you live near Shrewsbury MA and can find The Gun Room there is someone there who can help you find a shoulder holster. his name is Ron Cloutier (retired college professor and four time graduate/adjunct instructor at Lethal Force Institute, a top US defensive shooting school. tell him your needs( over body armor, lightweight, rugged, type weapon, etc) and he'll fit you right. Tell him Bill Caron set you.


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One of the guys recommended a Galco holster, but I worry about the leather rotting from the sweat.

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